Lifting The Wait

A Story About Faith, Fitness & Perfect Timing

When ATHENA PEREZ stood on the scale, it repeatedly blinked “error.”

She was somewhere near 500 lbs. The exact number she’ll never know because the scale was only able to measure weight up to 450 lbs. But, contrary to popular belief, food wasn’t the issue.

It was anger, guilt, embarrassment, shame, grief, resentment, and fear. Athena would have to face those feelings to understand her path and cultivate a relationship with the unlikeliest of entities: God.



“A brave book. Many may have seen her video story but Athena Perez’s new memoir Lifting the Wait – a story of triumph and finding a belief and love of self (and God)…it is absolutely incredible to read what she has overcome. The story is told in such a raw and captivating manner that it pulls you in wondering how one person lived through so much chaos! Athena tells it like it is, and you find parts of your own story to relate to, no matter how different her struggle might be from your own. The other piece is a real truthfulness in how food can become something it’s not to so many of us. Overeating and obesity isn’t something many can talk about with authority and really share what it is like. It was so refreshing to read something that resonated in so many ways even though Athena’s story is so different than mine. I was obese for 20+ years and for anyone who suffers from disordered eating habits or loves someone who does, you will relate to this story. We are not alone. Athena, by bravely sharing her story, shows us that we don’t have to be ashamed of our weight, our past, or stalled by our limited thinking. And that no matter how many times we’ve been let down, the only way out is through. We can, no matter our past, find trusted communities, coaches, counselors, fellowship, friends, and triumph that ultimately put you on the path to an “anything is possible” future. Athena’s book shows us there is hope and calm beyond the chaos”.
 JEN PENDLETON, author of JenXJourney Blog

“This book is an incredible story of Athena’s struggles and perspective (many of which are more than most of us have ever had to endure) and the victorious story of how she emerged on the other side of it mentally empowered, healthy and as an inspiring role model who has learned to navigate the very difficult battles of life. Her story is gripping from the very beginning and provides guidance and inspiration to anyone; not just those that have had weight struggles. A must-read!
 GEOFF WESTMORELAND, Attorney, Athlete

“Lifting the Wait is the most impactful book I have ever read! I could not put this book down! It was incredibly relatable to me through the fascinating stories. It also provides the lessons Athena, one incredibly strong woman, had to learn so she could gain peace and understanding. These lessons become blueprints for the reader to examine their own life and find that same thing; those ah-ha moments. This is a must-read!”
 SCOTT SWITZER, Host of the Clydesdale CrossFitter and Friends Podcast, Athlete