World Class Speakers That Go Above and Beyond Expectations to Inspire, Motivate and Create Real Change


Eagle Rise Speakers are professional orators, teachers, and world changers. Our speakers are innovators, disruptors, and successful change agents. All of our speakers have riveting stories that inspire and have the power to transform lives. Eagle Rise Speakers have delivered at events across the globe including TED Talks and for audiences that include Fortune 500 and 100 businesses, non-profit organizations, the NFL, NHL, MLB, and the US Olympic Team.


We present, train, educate, and consult on elite performance, leadership, resiliency, teamwork, emotional intelligence, strategic planning, and personal growth. We focus on empowering the individual because we know, better leaders produce better results, dynamic work environments, and thriving communities.

Eagle Risers are charismatic, intellectually curious, and have fascinating backgrounds. We understand the importance of social engagements before and after presentations. Eagle Risers will go to dinner with your executives and board members and mingle with your top prospects and clients at receptions.

Prior to each engagement, we conduct extensive due diligence to understand each client’s goals, gaps, and mission. Your Eagle Rise Speaker will create and deliver a customized program built around the mission and goals of your organization.


Eagle Risers are committed to making people better; to create more leaders, more doers, and more overcomers. Our company is founded on the principle that when individuals are able to better lead themselves, they are better leaders of others. Effective, strong leadership is transformational. What does that mean for your organization – A FULLY ENGAGED WORKFORCE, HAPPIER PEOPLE, SUCCESSFUL TEAMS, MORE PROFITABLE COMPANIES.